"Throughout this AOL project, I’ve really felt like I can rely on you to get things done promptly and provide the client with good service, so I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help."

− Don Newlen, Studio Owner & Creative Director, Fervor Creative

"Thanks Lonnie, you’re the most enthusiastic person and always willing to help. I love that about you 🙂 I hope you know how much we appreciate your help. Thank you for always being open to taking more on. It is greatly appreciated!"

− Jami Pomponi Alire, Studio Owner & Creative Director, Fervor Creative

"Hi Lonnie - Skywater was so impressed with your idea for the Super Bowl event, they want to use Fervor again! :)"

− Carrie Chase, Marketing Director, DMB Realty

"Lonnie & Josh, Kevin has given me a good idea of how talented you are, and I've seen it for myself. It seems that the really exciting part of what you do is to be able to switch gears all the time–looking at whole, new initiatives, each one unique from the other. As creatives, you could easily be working at a place where all you do is design books or web pages or packages. At Grip, you have head-spinning variety, it would see to me. "

− Julie Prendiville Roux, Communication Arts Magazine

"Thanks Lonnie for pulling all that stuff together so quickly. I got a call from Alisanne who was ecstatic at the number of RSVP’s they’ve received in the first day. She was very thankful for all of our work."

− Matt Agro, Art Director, Fervor Creative

"Thank you for all of the help getting ready for our grand opening. We really appreciated the team spirit in getting the video produced at the last minute, it is great to know that we have that kind of support."

− Tyler Jones, CEO, Blue Heron Properties

"That gets the “totally effin’ sweet” award … I absolutely love it."

− Tommy Fradenburgh, Web Director, Omnimount Systems Inc.

"I am still in awe of the amazing job you did on the invitations."

− Alexis Glascock, Marketing Director, SunCor Realty

"Hey I wanted to thank you guys for doing such an AMAZING job on the GLAAD annual. Lonnie, your customer service and attention to detail was fantastic – thanks for keeping us all on the right track!"

− Don Newlen, Studio Owner & Creative Director, Fervor Creative