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Whole Foods Market — Bakery

In collaboration with the client we completely redesigned and imagined the Whole Foods Bakery experience, service and positioning. The new bakery focuses on handmade goods, local bakers, customer dietary sensitivity and highlights local staff faves. We worked closely with the client team and other designers from Grip.

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Here’s what I facilitated within the organization:

  • positioning concept
  • experience concept
  • service concept
  • branding concept

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“We think this is a good overarching theme to build our branding strategy around. Thank you for your time, Lonnie! We look forward to rebranding our bakery department across the company!”
Maggie Bahler, Executive Marketing Coordinator, Whole Foods Market


Design Sprint & Strategic Brand Positioning

We lead teams using simple-to-follow processes. These are lean and dedicated to creating the best product, service, experiences and brands—without wasting your time or budget. The Design Sprint process takes your team from idea to a user-tested prototype in just 4 days.



Why should a project take 9 months when it could take a week or two? 

Why waste time on long development cycles or perfect visual design in order to get answers? If you have any of the following questions, please contact us.

  • How can I prove to investors that an idea works?
  • How can I find out if a product feature or service is worth developing?
  • How can I improve user retention?
  • How can I increase user engagement?
  • How can I speed up my team and ship a better product, faster?
  • How do I find out what a product should look like?
  • Can I even do this if my team has never done a design sprint or if we have our own designers?
  • How can get started right away?




I facilitate Design Sprints for organizations who want to explore and test risky ideas rapidly but without spending a lot of time and money. Design Sprints lead by me give clarity on how to move forward and are informed by real user tests in just one week.

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