Typical Day

Days at Grip start with informal chats with our design, leadership and account teams. It gives me a sense of what challenges our agency faces at a project level and from external factors. From there I control the flow of incoming projects.

I work closely with our creative director – who assigns projects to designers – and review work in progress to ensure it meets client goals and our agency’s highest standards. Together we set internal expectations for our team and manage the studio day-to-day.

Several times a day I meet with existing clients to discuss new projects or meet with new clients. Regular meetings with the agency principals ensure our studio constantly improves and grows in the direction we set.

What’s my favorite part about being Grip’s Director of Accounts?

One of my favorite roles in the studio is to nurture our team when it comes to client interaction either via email or while presenting work. I help our team effectively communicate how strategy and design meet our clients’ objectives.

Why Grip?

There are plenty of amazing agencies doing wonderful work. I love the team at Grip, our clients are incredibly interesting and it’s a rare enough place that where the team actively guides the studio. Grip is a place for potential to be realized, all of our interns gain valuable business acumen that help them achieve amazing success very quickly. Our design team are rock starts in their own right and keep me inspired and entertained every day. The owner/principals created a unique environment where we can thrive and laugh while doing it.