Alta Financial offers a platform to connect cannabis capital and information to an underserved market. Their goal is to serve as many cannabis operators as possible in order to fully realize economic demand, industry innovation, and product consumption. They want to make it possible for operators in the industry to receive financing that has previously been unavailable in their market—to fuel business, reveal market potential, and build connections. 


Four companies sit under the Alta Financial umbrella. Together their services builds, fortifies, and evolves the cannabis industry through profit, performance and value. 

I met co-founders Jade Green and Eduardo Dias Rivera before the business launched. Before starting on the visual identity, we worked on brand strategy and positions that would position Alta as a sophisticated institutional model in the financial industry while telling the story in the most clear, compelling, and forward-thinking way possible. 

From information gleamed during workshop, I used I defined the: company offering, purpose, shared beliefs, story, voice, reason for being, and value proposition.

The concepts stack into a pyramid shape shown here and also serve as a handy visual. It can be referred to as they make business, marketing, and service related decisions going forward.

So what's the big idea behind Alta Financial? Simply this:

"Cultivating the cannabis financial economy."


Brand Strategy,
Workshop Facilitator


Freelance Client


Two months

Financing the cannabis industry.

Alta Financial


Inspiration for the brand came from the idea of taking a trip to "A New World". The goal was to appear established in the financial marketplace but posed for innovation. Influenced by space travel posters, and science-fiction book covers, the forthcoming visuals would serve as guidebook for the brave new world that is the cannabis economy. 

Several elements in the brand mark subtly nod to various ideas of things that are "high" or "elevated".




Destinations and flight or "traveling high" from point A to B to C

The wings of a Griffon vulture, the "highest" flying bird clocked at 37,000 feet

The sign of authority and domain such as a "high" duke

The brand brings light to a historically dark market through the use of color. The dynamic spirit is reflected through bright color gradients leaking out from shadow and into light. 

Photography of vast planetary settings combined with power messages indicate a new world of possibilities. The visual cue of light at night and images of dawn reinforce the idea of shedding light on the industry. 

A brand device, chosen for its flexibility in application takes inspiration from travel maps and flight paths. The dotted line can be either a container, a connector, or an indicator. 

Brand Device

Brand Typography is set in Circular Book, Bold, and Black. The flexibility allows the brand to appear authoritative, professional and institutional; or warm, friendly, trusthwory.


From additional workshops, we created a shared understanding of visuals and voice. These decisions aligned with our desired future state and values.

The final identity has a flexibility that functions across many different applications. Warm and welcoming headlines take up plenty of visual space. Images are used as backgrounds, with gradients, overplayed with text, or contained in the brand device. 

Design language

Client Testimonial

You have been amazing - the partners and I are so impressed with your organization, communication, your understanding of our platform, your presentations, and the design deliverables. I’ve never been through a process like this and it has been incredible to experience. I will definitely be engaging you for my other company if you’re available of course!


Jade Green,
CEO, Alta Financial

All Projects

At the core of Alta Financial is the wordmark and icon.


The icon represents authority in this new world through its references of a crown and wings that represent movement and height.

Each business arm can also be paired with the wordmark on two lines that equal the height of the lowercase "a" in Alta.

The Logo

We came up with 4 core values and how those would drive decision making.

  1. Cannabis is the economy of the future and of the now.

  2. Innovate and disrupt using tech.

  3. Resources are power.

  4. Adapt to a changing market landscape. 

Alta needs to be a sophisticated company with a consistent voice across several business arms. The tone of voice for the brand was configured using 4 simple guidelines.

  1. Welcoming, not Exclusive

  2. Confident, not Arrogant

  3. Trustworthy & Institutional

  4. Dignified, not stodgy

None of the founders had purchased brand strategy or design.


I organized and led a few co-creation workshops where together, we identified and solidified the team's trajectory along with long-term business goals.

The workshops were done remotely to accomodate a global team as well as COVID-related lockdowns. Each exercise was chosen to uncover undiscovered team truths and appealed to different personality types and accommodate tech comfort levels. 

Brand Co-Creation Workshop

The workshop results were captured and formatted as part of the brand standards guide for future partners, employees, and partners. This strategic move ensures that the shared vision does not become lost as the business and team grows.

Brand Standards