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Welcome to my art world. I make portrait art that fearlessly celebrates queer culture. My mission is to fill a significant void in our world: gorgeous portraits of my QTBIPOC family.

For documentation I wanted to highlight the artwork I create with paper-cutouts & blacklight reflective portraits. Patterns of my art is applied to active wear and packaging ephemera. The series includes a set of self-portraits used on my web shop and TikTok marketing videos. The artist portraits mimic the colors and foils used in my artwork.


Art, Brand Strategy, Design,

Messaging, Campaign, Website


Art, Fashion, & Activism



Artwork that celebrates queer culture


My art blurs the lines between art & fashion. It doesn't shy away from queer bodies. The work starts as curvy gestural lines on black. Then I bath my QTBIPOC subjects in neon, glowing, bioluminescent-like colors. I also collect each portrait to be used in a tapestry of patterns. The patterns catalog my queer family and connect them visually through art. Society may try to isolate and disappear us, but my work ties us together.


Often described as "sexy and fun", my queer audience not only loves the visuals, they love the honest and vulnerable written content that accompanies my weekly artist newsletter. And thousands of people have downloaded my wallpaper paperwork for their phones. The artwork becomes wearables and objects from museum-quality pieces.


I can't tell you how much I appreciate your emails, and how much depth they have. I don't think I've ever experienced this from any other artist that I can recall. Thank you so much for putting so much of yourself in your products. Can't wait till I make more money so I can afford to truly support.

Xzaviar B.

I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your artwork and reading the emails you send. This last email definitely got me in my feelings a little bit. I'm 41 and am still learning to live without shame. I am a big guy and always have been. I have always had issues with being accepted in any group within the community and have never really accepted myself. I know being overweight isn't healthy but being constantly told I'm ugly or a lot of other derogatory terms hasn't helped me. This email has made me realize regardless of body type that men can and do have body acceptance issues and thank you for speaking on it. P.S. Your pictures are amazing and I hope one day to feel confident enough to do something similar.

James C.


Gotta say, I’m so fucking excited! And the fact that this is an extravagant piece I can keep for the rest of my life 🖤

Mitch D.


Lonnie!!!! I just received the print. I’m in tears! The matting and framing are perfect! I just told my husband now I’ve got to include it in the will as one of my treasured art pieces! Thank you!!!

Jaime E.


Thank you so much! I’m someone who struggles with body issues and rarely feeling sexy. You have captured a confidence I haven’t felt in a long time!  I have never felt sexier and the fact that you love it and wanna share it really boosts the self-esteem. 

Trav H.


I signed up for your email newsletter recently and just really love your personal stories and creative process. Thank you for being you and for blessing the world with your work. Your art is fun and super sexy. ;)

Coleman  W.



Thank you for yet Another beautiful honest and sincere communication.

I believe you see us as not just prior or potential customers (that word sounds so impersonal and inappropriate even as I type this) because your sincerity illuminates even from when we first met. Know you are appreciated. How do you craft these emails for a large audience yet make them feel so personal? Just adore you.

Todd R.


I have been sitting here re-reading your email. I felt as though you saw and heard my innermost thoughts. Being a POC, Thicc man, educated and selfishly dedicated to myself it’s been a struggle finding partners, friends and networking opportunities. It caused a downward spiral into bad diet habits, no self worth and comparing my every move to that of the next. Needless to say, I was always depressed masked with pearly whites and the grandest smile.


I have placed myself through years to breakdown where and why things went so far left. Reading this email has left me with tears in my eyes because it’s comforting knowing someone else truly understands the pain that I felt at a point in my life. Thank you for your work and sharing your story. Each week it’s a highlight for me.


Aaron A.


I absolutely loved your story and it resonated with me especially how you were able to have the courage to be yourself. Your story is inspirational and I love your passion and what you have accomplished through your art.  

Cristian H.


Hey, I wanted to share how much we loved the pieces that we got from you! They fit perfectly in our wall of queer art and we’re glad we found your page! You were actually the first artist discovered so you inspired this whole wall. Hope you have a great rest of your weekend.

Matt C.


We feel so honored to have one of your pieces in our home. 🤗

Ricky D.


We got our Lonnie Draws. It's so fucking awesome. I am afraid to touch it. It's even better than I thought. 

Jorge L.


I just got this in the mail y'all. This is so f*cking dope. Thank you so much. I can't wait to hang it up.

Matt F.


This is so epiccc. I still look at it everyday and am just amazed how cool and different your work is. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 You're so good at what you do.

Chris A.


It arrived today. I'm gonna get naked and roll my body all over it ... Can't wait to frame it and hang it over my bed.

James H.


Still obsessed with the prints. I'm so happy I ordered them. 🥰

Bryan J. (Jackson)


I got the artwork. It's beautiful. I was so happy.

Markus B.


I love your work. Wow it looks amazing!!!

Conchita W.


Your work is amazing. Some of the best artwork I've seen hands down. Honestly, you're a super talented guy. 

Pete H.


I just saw your art and I'm BLOWN away. Highly original and very clean lines! Your art better blow up big because of it. 

Matt S.


Such a juggernaut of talent. I appreciate you vastly and can't wait to show your artwork hanging in my place. 

David L.


Ok the picture has been presented. He geeked out hard. Thanks again, birthday hero.

Ben M


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