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wall sigage of next titan capital

I partnered with the three founders to build a comprehensive brand, including naming, strategy, visual identity system, and communication tools for launch.

Next Titan Capital was created to provide financial services to emerging industry companies and founders—think blockchain, cannabis, and clean energy. I knew the brand had to have a strong impact, be as high caliber, and as future-focused as the founders.


Branding, Research, Naming, Strategy, & Messaging


Harness Innovation


3 months

Launching a financial company dedicated to emerging markets—DeFi, blockchain, clean energy, & cannabis


The logo is inspired by symbols of strength and strategy: an icon that is a regal crown, shield, and chess piece. The simplified shield pairs with custom bold logotype. This pairing is confident, majestic, and modern. The subordinate "Capital" sits below or to the right of the main text. An alternate icon can be optionally paired with a tagline.


For this project I led several strategic workshops. Each was designed to be hands-on and inspire co-creation and collaboration between the founders and myself: brand kickoff, strategy & future casting; company naming; visual branding, design, and messaging. I uncovered individual and shared visions for the company to find key truths. These became the backbone of Next Titan Capital’s brand strategic framework. The system is designed to will hold true now during launch and flexible enough for the future, multiple audiences, and touchpoints.


Representing the full expression of the visual identity, the launch items present a polished, strong, confident, and inspirational brand. With key sectors housed in the shield, they bridge the identity with the their audience.


Headlines and sub-headlines feel sophisticated, confident, and driven. Body copy, call outs and captions are set in a highly legible workhorse weight suitable for large bodies of text.


The concept of “intelligent strategy” is primarily illustrated with the shield. A set of thin-line icons depicts key services, values, tactics, or differentiators. Together the graphics represent both knowledge and strength—expressed through strategy & action.


Icons can be paired with chosen phrases or used alone. They can be used over images to highlight key imagery. Further layering of the shield and icons with solid brand colors tie groups of elements together.


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